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We seek to provide investment solutions using sophisticated quantitative techniques that incorporate fundamental insights and vast amounts of market information.


At deepnumer, We push the boundaries of knowledge continuously. We constantly draw ideas and inspiration from the broader mathematics, science, technology, finance, economics, and investment communities. Broaden our horizons,  expand our knowledge,  discover new things, and familiarise with a broader range of conceptions.


We also believe that fresh ideas often come from the outside and supplement our robust internal research efforts with new perspectives and conversations with the external expert community. Based on research, our portfolios gain exposure to critical factors that drive returns and we shift emphasis in our model to the elements that are most important in the current environment.

Technology and Data

Technology drives our investment decisions. We use artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data science, distributed computing, and other technologies to find connections in the world’s data.


​Our technology solutions unearth patterns too faint for others to detect. Our algorithms work in a dynamic fashion, continuously adapting to new data and changes in the real world then continually refine predictive models and iterate on this process in real-time with real-world feedback.

Deepnumer develops and deploys systematic investment strategies across a variety of asset classes and global markets. We seek to continuously produce high-quality trading signals (alphas) through our proprietary research platform and cognitive tools to employ trading strategies focused on market inefficiencies.

We employ quantification and automation to develop our trading processes, enabling us to trade efficiently today. Every aspect of our operations is designed for efficiency optimization.

Our Research, Portfolio Management and Technology teams focus their talent on core competencies and specializations while fostering close collaboration across the teams. This approach allows for the continuous production of alphas and financial strategies — the foundation of a sustainable, global asset management company.

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