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We are on a mission to identify investment opportunities that innovative technologies can uncover and to be the premier next generation investment management firm through delivering superior returns. We combine scientific principles and leading-edge technology to create diversifying investment solutions. 

Our business is to manage capital through quantitative investment strategies. The strategies seek to leverage systematic processes to rapidly assess large amounts of data, gauge market sentiment, identify real value of a company, and initiate long and short positions to generate alpha.

Intelligence Explosion for Tomorrow, Today.

A Quantum Leap in  Alpha Discovery.

Deepnumer leverages a rigorous, data-driven approach to uncover alpha in the market. Our proprietary technological and operational infrastructure generates a stream of high-potential trading signals that we believe are overlooked by traditional participants. Through a combination of cutting-edge quantitative techniques and deep factor analysis, we transform these signals into robust, alpha-generating strategies.


This systematic approach, overseen by a team of creative quantitative analysts, fosters the development of attractive and persistent risk-adjusted returns, exceeding those achievable through conventional investment methodologies.

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